Saturday, January 3, 2015

New year, new beginnings. Let it be good.

The New Year is like a fresh new slate, clean and empty. The Old Year’s slate is full, done and wrote. As we reflect back on that old, wrote slate we see many warm and happy writings on it, we can also read of many deeds that gave us a sense of great accomplishment and joy but maybe there’s talk of a few that didn’t. The slate also talks of many events and happenings that were out of our control but also of a great many that weren’t. There are probably many things we wish it would say and many things we wish it didn’t. We can’t go back, erase and edit but what we can do use that old slate to inspire us to write a new and better one, and write this one as carefully as we wanted the old one to be written. There’s no rush for this slate can only be written one day at a time.

 “I am your life, handle me with care” ~ your soul

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