Sunday, February 3, 2013

Steh, Ephraim, besinne dich. Song from Hutterite "Kleine Gesangbuch"

This is my humble translation of an old German Church song which appears in our Hutterite "Kleine Gesangbuch". This song reiterates God's all-encompassing and unending Grace and Love for us. Love and Grace so great that it surpasses human understanding. Yet we humans can veto it, and oft times do by unbelief, and non-acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal God and Savoir.  The line that sums up this song goes "I am God without you" telling us in the end, our salvation is up to us and our personal choice, we can take it or leave it.

Stay, Ephraim, don't disbelieve,
Eternal life lies waiting,
My heart breaks for you, child it grieves, 
Do you choose death unending?
Have I not fathered you,
Have I not nourished you,
You have but purest love from me,
O feeble worm, where headest thee?

You haste from Me, I'm calling you
My heart with love is burning,
You rush towards that fiery tomb,
Relentless and not caring.
Mere mortal, concentrate,
Stay still, evaluate,
Have I not made you bona fide?
And you become the Devils bride.

Oh do not think, I am a beast,
That needs blood for survival,
How good, how rewarding will be,
For all who seek my bridal.
Come here, my child, come here,
I am no wolf or bear,
I, I am God, the Purest Love,
What profits me a hand of blood? 

Alas, alas I see my child
Running towards perdition, 
I cry and plead, he is so blind,
There is no recognition.
O Ephraim, stay still,
Don't pursue your free will,
I love you unconditionally,
I'll be there in your greatest need.

And Oh, how much it hurts to see
Your plight, your endless fleeing,
My heart starts breaking, lamenting,
Oh hear my urgent pleading.
Oh feeble, paltry worm,
You haste, a raging storm
To everlasting grief and pain,
Yet could be saved in Jesus' reign. 

As sure as I'm Eternal God,
Don't want your ruin, never.
Please come to Me, misguided soul
I'll grant you Life forever.
The Lamb has ransomed you,
Immerse your sins into
His wounds, which did with crimson seep
Then I will show you mercy deep

See Ephraim, how true I am,
Who better is to Love thee,
Oh, come to me and take my Hand,
How can you disappoint me.
Flee, flee this evil world
That caught you in it's whirl,
Flee, flee far from this Sodom, rouse
And come into your Fathers house.

Once you'll decide to follow me
I'll tear those chains that bind you,
You will repent, I'll set you free
Then Jesus' blood will save you.
Believe in Me, you'll see,
I'll grant you personally
Atonement, Grace, with all My Might
Just do not flee, come to My Light.

If all the pleasures of this earth
Could satisfy your yearning,
I'd grant her in her greatest worth
To you for all eternal.
I am God without you  
But you, I pity you,
What thrills your heart and seems so free
Forsakes you in eternity. 

And what will fill your empty heart
And still your endless searching?
What seems today to be so smart
Won't satisfy eternal,
Lust, riches, pride and gold
Dissipates like wisps of smoke,
So come to me, deluded soul,
For I alone am worth it all.

And oh, how great Salvation is
That waits for you in Heaven,
No death, no pain, no suffering,
No enemy, no devil.
I am your Savoir, God,
Your shield, refuge above,
So Ephraim, come seek, come soon,
This all is waiting here for you.

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