Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ist Auch Eine Freude.

Where is all the Pleasure
Of this Life on Earth?
How can we rejoice over
Our Human birth.

There is so much crying
So much Fear and Pain
Suffering, then Dying
Is all that remains.

But we have a Savior
And a God above
He is our Creator
And His name is Love.

Oh, We'd weep in sorrow
If there was no God
But His Son came down to
Open Heavens door.

Who to Him will utter
My Lord and my God
Lives in Fear no longer
Surrounded by love.

Oft amid the Journey
Affliction comes and Pain
But under each Burden
We look up again.

And through Heavens Curtains
Our Lord gazes down
Gives us Strength and Courage
That we Journey on

Finally and gently
Jesus takes our Hand
Leads us from our Journey
To his Promised Land.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hold On ToThat Tail.

Advice from a cowpuncher I once knew.

Now listen here lad, and listen up well
Remember this wisdom that I'm a'gonna tell
If you're want to be a farmer of God's good ground
Make sure you have some cows around.

Now cows are scavengers of the land
They survive in the bush and eat what they can
They clean up the sloughs and when winter draws near
Thrive and get fat on what's left behind the Deere.

Some guys sell off their cows when times get good
When there's lots of money and lots of food
And out in the field stands a bumper crop
The bins get full and prices goes up.

But when times get hard, and your luck don't hold
The trees grow thin and the wind blows cold
The dinner plate looks lonely with cheese n' mac
Its sure nice to have those cows in the back.

This saying dates back to the days of old
When the times get tough you need cows or gold
And when you get stuck and starting to drown
Grab a hold o' that tail and she'll pull you out!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Stone.

A boulder lays on everymans' stair
Be it big or small but it is there
Its how we cope with that stoic stone
That defines our life and makes our home.

The rock at Dillan's door was huge beyond belief
He could take what he was given, or he could wallow in his grief
Either one or the other, but he had a choice to make
Which way will he go, there is so much at stake

Will he shout and scream at God, with anger and with rage
Or call to Him for help, for strength and for courage
And trust that God will find a way to help him understand
Or will he turn his back, and curse, and be a bitter man

Let's try to bear our burdens brave, refrain from questions why
Its only when we ask for help, that we learn how to fly
Reach out, accept the hands that reach out unto you
We're here to help each other, that's the healing thing to do.

That boulder lays on everymans stair
Be it big or small but it is there
Its how we cope with that stoic stone
That defines our life and makes our home.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wolf vs Wolf.

As black as sin, shrewd hate in his eyes
Evil and angry, full of false pride and lies
Greed, guilt and arrogance all marked his cruel gait
Resentment and ego was what this wolf ate.

No room for another, here jealousy rules
How dare a white stranger, intrude into my home.

The pale wolf called Truth then softly walked in
Full of kindness and hope, so benevolently
With love, understanding and peace in his eyes
Compassionate, content, full of faith and wise.

"Start packing your bags, Truth said, for I'm moving in
Not enough room for us both, O black wolf called Sin."

The battleground is set, the line is drawn
The contestants entered, the fight is on
Who is stronger, who will win? We all want to know
They're so evenly matched, the black and the snow.
This fight can rage on for years an years
While the watchers watch on with smiles and tears.

But then in the end only one can succeed.
The stage is in your heart,
The victor:
The one you feed.

*inspired by the cherokee legend 'the two wolves inside us all'

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