Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ich komme Jesus her zu dir. Easter hymn. Translation by Louie Vetter

I'm drawing Jesus to you near
In reverence, my prayers hear.
That rugged cross, that bitter anguish
In which I did participate,
Your death I did facilitate.
You will not allow me to languish, 
You gave me life, you stood condemned,
Reached out to me, became my friend

Oh Saviour, friend; yes verily,
Who else dies for his enemy?
Who serves yet rules over the nation?
Who becomes man but still is Lord?
Leaves heaven for a mocking crowd? 
Who dies, from whom comes all creation?
Is that not you, oh Jesus Christ,
You died for me, you paid the price. 

Faultless, before the human race, 
What you do here is perfect grace.
You pay in full what i have broken,
You suffer, yet the fault is mine,
A child of death is my consign.
You give your life for me in token,
You leave your home to do me well
When I deserve to be in hell.

Look, blinded Jew! and then take note
Whose face you spit, whose head you smote?
Is that the way you pledge allegiance?
Await you your Messiah so?
Adore you Judah's Saviour so?
Must not the stones cry out in grievance?
Is not your King so precious then,
Oh daughter of Jerusalem?

Why would a murderer then be
Of value so much more than He?
Do you accuse the one who frees you?
Do you condemn upon the cross
Him, without whom the world is lost,
And put to death the one who loves you?
But why do I give others blame;
Woe unto me, I've done the same!

Mine, mine is all iniquity,
I am the one that tortured thee.
I am responsible for murder,
I wove that piercing crown of thorns,
I spoke to you with hate-filled scorn.
I nailed you to the cross with fervour, 
Now, quaking knees, in fear I stand,
You suffered, Jesus, at my hand.

Alas, Alas, Oh Saviour mine,
Oh highest life, how can you die?
Beginning and end, can you relinquish?
Bows your head down, head of the world?
Goes still the hand that holds the earth?
Intrinsic light, can death extinguish,
Those eyes, that clearer shine by far
Than moon and sun and brightest star. 

I start to weep, what have I done?
I've helped to kill God's only Son.
He gave me life, He breathed creation,
I'm standing all alone today,
Where is my help on Judgement Day?
Satan is calling my damnation
Heaven is now my enemy,
And earth stands barren and empty.

Where find I comfort in my pain?
You are alone the remedy.
Lion of Judah, root of David,
You pleaded for your enemies,
You took for friend that wretched thief.
I cry out for that grace so sacred,
You say that everything is is done,
Why is my heart so woebegone?

Spite hell and death! Spite satan, ye!
You have no power over me.
My Jesus full of pure forgiveness 
Bent down to me arms open wide,
And took me in, now reconciled.
For I am saved, God is my witness,
I'm one with Him and He with me,
Heaven is now my destiny.

Haven of safety, highest friend,
Your grace and mercy knows no end.
I wretched man, I don't deserve it,
I stand here now and praise your name
Always, forever, I proclaim;
To be your faithful loving servant,
My life is surely lived in vain
If by your grace I don't remain.

This world disgusts me with her sin,
I search but find no truth within.
All things holy, stand desecrated,
Oh, take me to the tomb today,
There I can let Old Adam lay.
From sin now free, I'm liberated!
Come, come my death I welcome you
More than a thousand lives, adieu.

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