Monday, July 25, 2011

One Kind Word.

What's it gonna cost to say one kind word.
Or don't you want to be overheard.
Are you afraid to speak from the heart.
When someone you know is traveling in the dark.
One kind word.

Don't you know what one kind word can do.
When someone's going 'who knows what it is' through.
That one kind word can turn their whole day around.
Or even just a smile, when you can't make a sound.
One kind word.

Theres something about kindness, that you should know.
When you give it to others, it sorta helps you.
It makes you feel happy, and so it should.
Cause you know you're passing on a gift from God.
With one kind word.

The part about being kind that's good to know.
Is the more that you use it, the bigger it'll grow.
Before you know it, you'll be a brand new man.
A good one, a kind one, and part of God's plan.
Starts with one kind word.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Moon.

The moon slips silently into view
On this warm dark evening
Huge, round and bright
As I watch it climb the heavens
I wonder
How many generations before
Have gazed the same gaze
And felt the same wonder.

Its never changing
Stoic face
Orbiting since creation
Has seen it all
Dinosaurs and Leviathans
The Ark of Noah
Alone on the waters

Civilizations rise again
Pharaohs and Pyramids
Kings and Prophets
David and Bathsheba
Under its full gaze

The birth of its Creator
That night in Bethlehem
His teachings and travels
And at last
Crucifixion and Death
It must have wept
To see that empty cross
Stained with blood.

Wars and Uprisings
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
The rise and fall of nations

The progress of man
From beginning
To present
From mankind's first steps
To those that landed
On its foreign surface
From stone tools
And animal skins
To computers
And department stores

Murder and hatred
From the very start
Cain and Abel
Lies and evil
Crime continues
From mans heart

Lust and Love
Hearts meeting
Silently, some secretly
Embraces and kisses
Under its moonlit spell

It has seen it all
But never changes
Watching and waning

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hey, Canada.

Hey Canada,
Thank you
For being wild, strong and free.
Hey Canada,
Thank you
For harboring me.

For I am just a humble man
Who's only passing through.
And I am Oh so happy
To share it all with you.

For your wild n' carefree beauty
Means so much to me.
There's no doubt whatsoever
Of where I want to be.

We have the best of everything.
We live in peace, you see.
And that my friend is worth it all.
Canada, My Home, My Country.

So let us give the glory
To the Maker of this land.
For you know we are all sitting
In the palm of His hand.

Hey Canada,
Thank you
For being wild, strong and free.
Hey Canada,
Thank you
For harboring me.

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