Monday, September 12, 2011

FreedomTo Sell What I Grow.

Grain farmers of the west, its time to make a stand
Against the propaganda that's sweeping across our land
The wheat board of Canada is quite the selling tool
Taking all the farmers wheat to sell into a pool.

That's not a bad idea but still not to fair to some
Who want control of what they grow under the prairie sun
Who want a say on when they sell, on how much and to whom
Not to some preordained sale in some preordained room.

Its by the sweat of each mans' brow that brings wheat to the bin
Its satisfaction of a seasons work and the stresses all therein
And when we hand over to those sellers on the board
We lose control of what we've grown and what we sell it for.

So all the folks that want the board, well power to you guys
We won't dictate what you can do and neither would we try
So how can you decide and say what's best for me and mine
Its only freedom that I want, in a free land I reside.

Yippee yi ya
Yippee yi yo
Freedom to sell what I grow.


  1. Someone on Twitter pointed me to your blog, and I am enjoying it very much.

  2. Glad you enjoy reading my writings libbiali, cuz i enjoy writing my writings!

  3. Down with the Wheat board!

  4. Celebrating the end of the wheat board are you? Lets see you dance when Mr Harper dismantles your Dairy and Poultry Quotas.

  5. Adapt and evolve, forward and onward.

  6. 'tis only fair that if the Wheat Board has to go, so does supply management.

    Why should it cost any new potential farmer $1,000,000 just to purchase the "right" to be a livestock farmer?

  7. Louie! Hey bud do you think that Farmers are in Cargill and Viterra's best interest. If you do then you really are the man on the moon!

  8. Welllll, we all know you don't get that big without looking after nĂºmero uno!

  9. Mark W, supply managent has turned into something it was never designed to be, a retirement investment in the "quota" which originally had very little value and was bid up by farmers. So hang on to your hat, the winds of change are blowing!


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